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Consultoria en Dynamics NAV


Facturacion Electrónica

Timbrado con la nueva version de CFDI 3.3

Descarga Masiva

Descarga de CFDI´s de proveedores ,creacion utomatica de proveedores ,facturas de compra y validacion de CFDI

Contabilidad Electrónica

Cumplimiento con la aobligacion fiscal y como plus ÚNICOS en timbrarlos archivos de contabilidad electrónica en NAV

Servicio de Facturacion

Timbre todas sus ventas en cuestion de segundos

Entrar al portal

CFDI v 3.3

Primeros en estabilizar una solucion para contabilidad electronica en todas las versiones de NAV para México ahora somos los primeros en hacer el estandar de CFDI v 3.3 ante la primera obligacion del 1 de Juliio del 2017

Contabilidad Electrónica

Disponible en las últimas versiones de Microsoft Dynamics NAV, desde NAVISION 4.0 y 5.0, hasta pasar por NAV 2009 Clásico y RTC, para por aterrizar en NAV 2013 y actualmente estamos al dia con la version 2017

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop de CFDIs entre Windows y NAV ,asociacion de CFDIs de terceros en Diarios Generales , Compras , Diarios de Pagos, Póliza de Nómina, Diarios de Cobros

Timbrado de Archivos de Contabilidad Electronica

Similar a los timbrados de facturacion electronica, se va a pedir que se timbren los archivos de contabilidad electronica que se envian al SAT para que se puedan comprobar con el acuse de recepcion que emitirá el SAT cuando se declare la contabilidad electronica en el buzón tributario

Generacion de Archivos para el SAT

Para envio de Catalogo de cuentas, Balanza de comprobacion mensuales, archivo de polizas, detalles CFDIs y archivo de Auxiliares Contables

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Experts

Soluciónes creadas a la medida y 100% integrada con Microsoft Dynamics NAV siguiendo los paradigmas del a ERP y la plataforma de Microsoft. Cumpliendo los guidelines y mejores prácticas de Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Algunos de nuestros socios de Negocio

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Punto de Venta

POS dentro de Dynamics NAV, Data Distribution, Transactions Replicacion, Sales Collector, Customer Loyalty Program and Memberships,  Lost Prevention, TPV, Credit Card Payments, Replenishment, Facturacion Electronica en Punto de Venta en linea o con replicacion a portal de Facturacion en Web, Fast Food , Restaurantes, Fourcourt, Duty Free, Fashion & Apparel, etc.

Version WEB

Acceda desde cualquier navegador y cualquier dispositivo sin dificultades

Dentro de Dynamics e integrado con dispositivos digitales

Integre dispositivos como Pinpad, Escanner, Básculas, Tabletas, Terminales Bancarias, etc.

Punto de venta en linea y fuera de linea

Administe y realize sus ventas inclusive cuando no se encuentre conectado


Migracion de LSRetail, Actualizaciones de version, Contabilidad Electronica en LSRetail , Facturacion Electronica en Punto de Venta, Cobro con Terminal Bancaria conectada al Punto de Venta.

Electronic Accounting

It is a product designed from its conception exclusivelyfor Microsoft Dynamics®NAV following the ERP Solution paradigm, best practices and architectureaccording to Microsoft. Conceived to meet the requirements of ElectronicAccounting (EA) enforced by the Tax Administration Service (by its acronym inSpanish: SAT), and published in Annex 24 of the latest Reformation in TaxMatters of July 1, 2014. The new pieces of software are 100% integrated intothe ERP, using Microsoft technologies and libraries that are already withinDynamics®NAV. Thesolution was designed and made in Mexico by Mexican experts certificated inDynamics®NAV, withexperience in implementations in Mexico and abroad, with knowledge of thenational market and the taxation system. We analyzed the obligations that mustbe met according to the law within the Mexican territory in different kind ofbusiness and situations.

The solution coexists in the ERP, adapting to any implementation, add-on solution of Dynamics®NAV or any kind of business model.

The solution handles the requirements of the EA in its Annex 24 of SAT: manage the necessary adjustments and populate the new fields to the General Ledger Chart of Accounts, the G/L Balance, the G/L Entries, the Posted Purchase Invoices, the Posted Sales Invoices, the Bank and Check Ledger Entries, the Receivables, the Payables, the Credit Memos and at last but not at least the journal entries like adjustment, direct postings, and reversal transactions. All this with the aim of generating the 3 XML files to be sent to the SAT Inbox, in the proper layout and the required level of detail.

The solution uses the minimum of objects thinking on average installations to avoid using out-of-license ranges of objects. However, for large databases or installations, we are designing in a project basis, customized new tables to mirror the behavior of Dynamics®NAV standard ledger entries and therefore scaling the architecture and enhancing the performance of the database.

Besides the EA requirement, we have designed solutions to other concerns of the Mexican taxation requirement to simplify the processing time, and therefore, adding value in the daily operation of the system. In this release we have available the preparation of the Disclosure Statement for Transactions with Third-parties (the so called DIOTS), Journal Books, General Ledger Report for Bookkeepers, and the printed representation of electronic invoices (CFDI’s) with QR codes.

In the EA solution out-of-the-box, we also added a brand new possibility to authenticate on-line; the validity and certificated of CFDI files from third-parties, and straight at the servers of the SAT.

The solution supports several versions of the ERP: MBS Navision 4.0, Microsoft Dynamics®NAV 5.0, Microsoft Dynamics®NAV 2009, RTC and the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics®NAV 2013 R2.

One of the main intentions of making a solution to fit the needs of the domestic market is to automate and simplify work processes in order to do more with less, increasing employee productivity and better use of the time spent in daily work.

We create fully integrated functions that automate the capture in standard ERP and even if there are customizations to the system.

One important area of ​​opportunity in the EA processing, is to save the time of validation, authentication, and capture of a CFDI into the system. By loading the CFDIs files, the authentication is carried out on line at the SAT Verification Service without any other user intervention and creating the Purchase Document, letting the user review it and posting it. Optionally the user can be alerted and get notifications on failure of the authentication process.

When the CFDI authentication is successful, the CFDI file from Vendors can be embedded in the transaction and the fields will be populated, during the Purchase process, through all ledger entries created by the system after posting the document.

Either way in the RTC Client, panels, boxes and cues are used to show statuses to users with statistics and information of unprocessed documents and transactions of the EA, so that the users can take actions on the missing work to be done before closing an accounting period.

As Capturing of Vendors information, other further optimized areas, are the processes of payments and receivables. In the windows of cash receipts and payments journals, the CFDIs can be imported, either form vendors or own CFDIs issued by the company to customers, as applicable. And thus the users are saving manual processing time to enter payments to Vendors or identifying the deposits, plus referencing the CFDI that is linked to the payment or deposit.

Each Vendor and Customer are assigned a default bank account for each transaction but the user can specify a different bank account on each transaction, as the bank accounts of the source and recipient are requirements in order to track complete bank operations in the system, when applicable.

For our new customers that have not yet acquired and implemented any solution for EA before July 1st, 2014, and they have already processed their period operations, we include a tool inside the solution that allows processing sales and purchases CFDIs, but retroactively.

For customized requirements we need to write a design specification for the Customer’s approval and adapt the solution to the system. We offer a free compatibility analysis of our EA Solution to your System. Please contact us to request a showcase of our Product.

Acerca de Nosotros

Crecimos como una sociedad de programadores que perfecciono la técnica en proyectos de migración y actualización de Dynamics NAV, reportes, interfaces y casi cualquier cosa que se desee integrar en NAV o .NET. Adquirimos experiencia relevante con Webservices desde y hacia Dynamics NAV con diferentes sistemas o ERPs. Expertos certificados y consultores con más de 10 años de experiencia en Dynamics NAV.